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Group Information
(Updated 03/05/12)

The Crosslynx Transgender Group: is a transgender support group operating from central Glasgow. Meetings are held monthly, on the second Wednesday of each month.

Important Notice: Unfortunately, Group meetings have been DISBANDED once again.
This is due to the owners of the venue, not being able to cover the costs.

Hopefully, the group can find alternative premises soon.

Through its history the group has aimed to offer a varied program of activities, both social and educational. 

If you are transgender, and you are experiencing problems in your life, the group may be able to help. Each meeting offers an opportunity to talk to others, who may have experience of similar problems.

If you have problems, call in to any group meeting.
New members will be made very welcome, and any fears that you may have, will be quickly dispersed.
If you have no problems, call in and explain how you manage this.

For more details, please contact the helpline, 
0141 847 0787  - Monday nights 7.30pm to 9.30pm
or see the group website.